How do I refill my prescriptions?

Use our online refill application to refill your prescriptions.

How do I transfer my prescriptions?

Click here to use our web-based transfer wizard. Please allow 72 hours for completion of your order. Should you need your prescription sooner, please call 602-933-2048 and we will make arrangements to expedite your order.”

Why a retail pharmacy?

Improving patient care is part of Phoenix Children’s continued commitment to our community. Our leaders and clinicians are always seeking and evaluating efforts to build on our strengths and address areas of opportunity. Taking care of patients after they are discharged is just as important as caring for them when they are in the hospital and is critical to improving their quality of life. When patients remain healthy after discharge they are less likely to return to the hospital emergency department for the same reasons as their initial visits.

What are the benefits using Phoenix Children's Pharmacy?

It is convenient—there is no need to stop at the pharmacy or wait for prescriptions to be filled after leaving the hospital.

It is easy for our patients—the on-site pharmacy will fill and deliver prescriptions, work directly with care provides to coordinate prescription insurance issues, such as prior authorization to prevent any delays in starting medications.

It offers specialized medications for our patients—Phoenix Children's Pharmacy specializes in prescriptions written for patients of the hospital, and since not all pharmacies stock every medication, the Pharmacy can provide patients with an initial supply, which allows a patients usual pharmacy time to order it.

There are savings opportunities for our patients—Phoenix Children's Pharmacy has access to not-for-profit hospital programs that can help patients save money on prescriptions.

What types of products will Phoenix Children's Pharmacy offer?

The retail pharmacy will offer a wide selection of products including: prescription drugs, compounded products, injectables, over-the-counter items, and diabetes supplies.

Will the pharmacy accept most insurances and copay assistance cards?



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